Xela (ftalex) wrote,

The Bluest Eyes in texas......again!


*screams* *cries* *rips out hair* *sings a lovely little rendition of 'squirrel goes wee and gonads and strife' in honor of a true nut...GOUGH-O!!!*

I have SOO much to do and so VERY litle time to do it in and absolutley NO motivation. Zounds, this sucks major ass!

I feel numb, it's like, "Bring it on world! I can take whatever you've got right now! Just get it over with so I can move on from here!!!" Fuck!

"Fuck a duck!
Screw a kangaroo!
Bang an orangutang!
Orgy at the zoo!" <---Twas random, but I know several people who have been saying this a lot lately and it's annoying funny!!!
Heheh. I think it was...well, I'll shut up. I figured by saying it here it might not be stuck in my head. lol.

I still have that song from 'Boys Don't Cry' stuck in my head! DAMN IT! lol.

Didn't I say I wanted to stop procrastinating?!?! GAH! *bangs head on keyboard* --->r5wy awut6ihzal/thj .<----the result.

So so long people. For now I will actually attempt to do SOME homework! Yeah, right...!
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