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feminism 101

You Should Teach Feminism 101!

Women of the world unite - you don't need dicks to make you happy!

Whether you're a lesbian or straight girl (or something in between)...

You've always felt a special connection with other women.

Maybe you feel like you and other women have the same struggles.

Or maybe you just dig their wacky genitalia.

In either case, you're ready to break out the Toni Morrison and Sylvia Plath.

What's Class Should You Teach?

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The Star (South Africa), 29 May 2003
( http://www.thestar.co.za )
Sex changes to be legally recognised
By Charles Vundla
A bill to enable men and women who have undergone sex-change operations to change their legal sexual identity has been approved. Government spokesperson Joel Netshitenzhe said the Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Bill would be submitted to parliament for consideration.
The bill is expected to address the increasing number of court cases brought against the department of home affairs by transsexuals. If passed, it would allow them to change their identity particulars to reflect their new gender. This would also affect the population register and the census.
Home affairs told parliament in February that the bill was urgent. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA), a political party, welcomed the cabinet decision. Spokesperson David Baxter said the GLA had been "in communication with home affairs on re-registering transgender persons".
Two transsexuals approached by The Star, neither of whom wanted to be identified, held opposing views on the bill, reports Chimaimba Banda. One felt her life would be made much easier, while the other - who has no desire to undergo a full sex-change - felt it would "block" her life.
The first transsexual, who said she was in the process of changing gender, said the government decision "means freedom and happiness. My life will be much easier.
"Only today I went to apply for my ID at the Randburg home affairs department. I lost my previous ID book. My ID book says I am male. I tried to explain to them and the man (official) said 'What's that?' I felt really embarrassed. He just didn't know what transsexual means."
When she goes to the bank to deposit money, tellers say "This is a man's account". She said: "Eventually I have to show my ID book... To explain the whole time is so frustrating."
But the other transsexual said the bill would "block" her life because, while she lived like a woman and had breast implants, she was comfortable keeping her penis.
She said she wanted to be treated according to her sexual preference.
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