Xela (ftalex) wrote,

I aM a SpOnGeBoB fAnAtiC!!!!

You're ready!You're ready!You're ready!You're
ready!You're ready! Your're a Sponge-aholic!Oh,
who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge
Bob Square Pants!Absorbant and porus and yellow
is he? Sponge Bob Square Pants!If nautical
nonsense be somethin' ya' wish! Sponge Bob
Square pants! Then Drop on the deck and flop
like a fish! Sponge bob square pants!Sponge bob
square pants,Sponge bob square pants,Spo-o-nge
bo-o-o-o-b-b square pants

Are You a Sponge-aholic?
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You are the perfect gentlemen, although you are a
little to sensitive. get some balls... and once
in a while fuck for play instead of trying to
have a realtionship

::are you a gentlemen?::
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You are punk as fuck. You are poor, have no job,
and have no music. But you are punk. And
thats all that matters. To you at least

Lets see how punk you really are
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Your the santa picture! What did he ever do to you?
(sorry the answers on the bottom suck, im in a
rush, and ill fix them later!)

What Funny Picture Are You? (duhh With Pictures) UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
brought to you by Quizilla
punk- obviously new punk but there's nothing wrong
with that and if you're not really ino the new
punk then i'm sorry i labeled you the way that
i did

***are you truly punk?***
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someone should kill this bastard for having this result!! u'll all be happy to know i sent him a rather nasty e-mail...
U r the gayest motha fucka in the world. If i know
u, never talk to me again. If u do i will shoot
u till u die and go to hell!

R u gay? Seriously r u gay!?
brought to you by Quizilla
Your favorite is the 90's- Current Cher, You
believe that she is still alive, and though her
retirement, she still lives! If you feel lonley
without cher, then sing strong enough until you
feel better :)

Whats your Favorite Cher?
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Your normal. your half good and half evil. Your
kind of boring aren't you?

Are you evil?
brought to you by Quizilla
you were ment to be human

what creature most likely to be born as?
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You are spicy. Full of ideas and sharp remarks,
your friendship is either a blessing or curse.
There are no in betweens, only extremes.

What Kind of Food Are You?
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You were sent here to show the world what real rock
is. You don't care what people think about you,
and you're individual. You aren't into those
jocks, and preps. Good job. You're one of the
better species on this planet.

What is your purpose on earth...
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